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Hosting and colocation solutions that will consolidate your operations and infrastructure.

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We are Clabor Tech Solutions

Technology continues to evolve so businesses expand their operations to different markets. This continuous evolution comes with the increase of data requirements which means more bandwidth and more speed.
For a business continuity plan that needs to stick to a budget and for new opportunities, companies turn to hosting and colocation services.
Clabor Tech team provides hosting and colocation solutions that will consolidate your operations and infrastructure. All these come together with more efficient operating costs and improved security and scalability.










About Us

Clabor is a global hosting and IT services company that enables customers worldwide to transform their businesses through innovative technology solutions.

Clabor Tech Solutions makes connections stronger and safer. We are working hard to provide accessible, affordable and less complicated services. With headquarters in the US and Germany our company manages to serve customers across the world.

Our goal is to secure and optimize your network, applications and infrastructure so you can perform at your best at any moment and under all circumstances.

Our Services

Our managed services will meet even the most complicated requirements so you can focus on your personal goals. From managed infrastructure and applications, to managed data and security, these are all flexible services completely secure and reliable.

Our colocation services are secured by a consistent environment that is monitored by our experienced team of engineers. Your IT infrastructure is closer to you thanks to Clabor Tech and our extensive data centers.


Clabor Tech handles the migration of your equipment in the relocation process.

Network and interconnectivity

Clabor Tech network services provide security, reliability and high availability to your business.

Hosting Services

Our goal is to reduce complexity in your infrastructure and increase its reliability.

Hosting Consulting

We have the professionals that can help you take the best decisions for your future.