RECAP: The Super Bowl 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia & The Great Controversy Outreach

Nearly 20,000 books and nearly 50,000 GLOW tracts distributed! People from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama and more gathered in to Atlanta, Georgia to distribute The Great Competition. The Great Competition is The Great Controversy 1884 edition; this analogous name was chosen to fit the event of the Super Bowl (ie. “race”; 1 Cor. 9:24-26). Here are a few […]

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When faced with problems we naturally look for ways to solve them. We do the same thing when circumstances occur that are out of our control; for example, the loss of a job, diagnosis of a disease, finding a spouse, or losing a loved one. We hear testimonies of people who have overcome trials, we see people who have beat […]


10 Reasons Why Some Christians Quit Church

I remember attending church as a child and asking my grandmother why we went to church. During my childhood, my cousins and I attended Sunday school and church services with our grandmother. I can remember asking my grandma, “Is it time to go yet? Rolling my eyes while hearing the pastor of the church whooping through a sermon”. (Whooping—a form […]

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